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Photonics has revolutionized the 21st century technologies. It enables new superior tools in areas ranging from medicine to communications to clean energy, which comes with outstanding career and employment opportunities for young scientists and engineers. This 4-week summer camp is to expose the participating students to the frontiers of photonics research.

Summer Camp Program

The Camp comprises a well-designed mix of workshops and hands-on cutting-edge research projects in use of state-of-the-art nanofabrication and imaging facilities. Four key areas of photonics research will be covered by leading scholars and experts:​
  • Semiconductors fundamentals for photonics
    • Advanced high temperature equipment for photonics devices
    • Highly absorptive nanostructure
    • Fundamental semiconductor studies
  • Optoelectronics science and technology
    • Deep-ultraviolet semiconductor laser
    • Novel optoelectronic device research
    • Semiconductor laser for energy efficient lighting
    • Novel high-performance nanowires LEDs and lasers
    • Solar-hydrogen generation using semiconductor nanostructures.
  • Emerging optics in complex materials
    • Advanced nanomaterials for structural colors
    • Unbreakable cryptography with fingerprints integrated optical chips
    • “Brain” inspired metamaterials for atomic scale displays
    • Nanostructures for energy harvesting and photocatalysis
    • Invisible nanolasers for on-chip ultrafast pulse generation
  • Photonics communication science and technology
    • Free space optical communication systems
    • Li-Fi systems & networks
    • Ultra-violet communication systems
    • Visible light communications
    • High bitrate underwater communications

Bachelor and Master students in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material Science and Engineering, Optoelectronics and other related disciplines are welcome to apply. As it is a very competitive process, cumultive GPA above 3.40/4.00 and research experience can boost the application. Strong English speaking, listening, and writing is essential. All instruction and discussion will be in english.